On a bi-weekly cadence, 120+ new release products are released in 250 participating Vintages retail locations and on lcbo.com. The release is supported by our Vintages New Release catalogue, which is available free to customers. On a monthly cadence, releases are augmented with additional Flagship and Online store exclusive release offerings. During the summer months (May-August), we shift the cadence of retail releases to once/month and offer standalone Flagship and Online store exclusive releases during the off weeks to supplement our assortment.

The New Release catalogue includes in-house photography of each product released, accompanied by either a tasting note from our own expert panel or a review from a credible third-party source, such as Wine Advocate or Wine Spectator. Each New Release catalogue also includes feature articles that focus on topics like countries, regions, varietals, producers and wine styles, to educate and encourage customers to explore beyond their usual preferences.

Picture of a Vintages Release Cover



New Release products are also tasted by our in-store Product Consultants so that they can speak from personal experience when assisting customers in making their selections. 

The New Release feature programs, such as Wine of the Month, Hand-Picked Gifts, $18 Solution, and Front/Back Cover spots are non-applied paid programs, sourced by the Buyers in the process of their regular tasting cycle. However, the expression of interest in participating in one of the programs as a part of your NISS submission is welcome, if your offer meets the minimum criteria outlined in each program description.


Release Fees F24-25

There is a fee of 1% of the cost of the purchase order for skus that are part of the Collaborative program.   

Release Products are subject to a fee of $235 per SKU.

*Purchase orders with a value of less than $30,000 are not subject to the fee.


Additional New Release Feature Programs

Release Covers – Front and Back

Wines of the Month

Hand-picked Gift

The $18 Solution

Local Talent

Local Find