The Essentials Collection helps customers take the guesswork out of discovering great wine with more than 200 fan-favourite and signature styles to explore. This permanent collection is available year in, year out. There is an expectation that products in our Essentials Collection will be supported with an annual promotional spend to ensure they achieve maximum sales potential and exceed the annual sales target. Sales performance of Essentials products is reviewed against their targets on a annual basis.

There is a fee of 1.5% of the cost of the purchase order for skus in the Essentials program.


Essentials on Offer Program:

The “Essentials on Offer” program is a monthly paid end program highlighting two products from our Essentials Collection in our top Vintages locations.  In the first period, both products are promoted with case savings on the end with an LTO or Aeroplan offer. 



PeriodsProgram Fee
P1 – P9, P12 and P13 $11,000/ period (plus an LTO or Aeroplan Bonus Offer)
P10$13,250 (plus an LTO or Aeroplan Bonus Offer)
P11$9000 (plus an LTO or Aeroplan Bonus Offer)


The program will continue to be supported with a Vintages End Ailse backer card and digital advertisement.


Click here to access Participating Store Lists

Vintages Ontario Essentials: Buyer’s Pick Program

The Vintages Ontario Buyer's Pick showcases one Vintages Essentials/period endorsed by the Ontario wines product manager. The products are displayed as a cut-case display, in a basket or with a shelf talker depending on the store. The program may be supported with an LTO or Aeroplan Bonus offer.

Program Fee F24-25
$3,160 per SKU