Social Responsibility has been at the core of the LCBO’s mandate for more than 90 years. But as times change, it’s on us to adapt and grow. That’s why we developed the Spirit of Sustainability, our enterprise-wide social impact platform designed to create a more sustainable future for Ontario by supporting the province’s social and environmental needs. Spirit of Sustainability is the LCBO’s bold commitment to drive meaningful change in our communities, be the industry leader in sustainable practices, and take better care of our planet – all for the good of Ontario.

As one of the largest purchasers of alcohol in the world, we feel a responsibility to lead by example and take action to improve the way we conduct our business, set more inclusive social and environmental standards for our partners, and create more meaningful community impact. We know this is of great importance to you as well.

You can find our Spirit of Sustainability (SoS) commitments outlined in the scorecard below, and read more about what the platform means for you in the Good Partnerships tab on the left. You can also visit the SoS section of for updates on our impact and upcoming campaigns. 

Spirit of Sustainability: Our Commitments