About the Charity Promotions Program  

Spirit of Sustainability (SoS) is the LCBO’s social-impact platform designed to create a more sustainable future for Ontario by supporting the province’s social and environmental needs. SoS’s efforts focus on three strategic pillars: Good People, Good Planet, and Good Partnerships. 

As part of our Good Partnerships pillar, we are committed to recognizing and supporting Good Partners who are making strides in sustainability through diversity, inclusion, community investments, and environmental practices. 

In alignment with our Good Partnerships commitment, we have strengthened any related charity / non-profit related programs or partnerships executed by suppliers within the LCBO footprint. Our refreshed Charity Promotions Program application process will streamline how suppliers apply for charity-related in-store / online promotions and improve alignment to SoS. 

How to Submit an Application

The new Charity Promotions Program process is intended for all LCBO suppliers that are providing donations from product sales towards a charity or non-profit and are publicly promoting that partnership.

The application process entails the submission of the following documents to your Category Manager for approval prior to promoting the partnership publicly:  

• Application form;

• letter from the charitable partner confirming their engagement in the promotion (sample letter available in the application for);

• proof of charitable registration. 

You can view and download the LCBO’s Charity Promotions Program application form in English below. If you require the Guidelines in French or in an additional language, please send a request to natalia.nagles@lcbo.com and we will do our best to accommodate.

Charity Promotions Program - Application Form