Collaborative Planning Forecast and Replenishment

We have developed this process to build on our commitment to better communication in order to exceed customer expectations and ensure we meet your business goals. 

This new tool will help:

  • Build close relationships among Supply Chain partners
  • Improve accuracy and alignment on Sales Forecasts
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Reduce inventory levels throughout Supply Chain
  • Improve fill rates and In Stock


Meeting customer expectations and business goals through communication and collaboration is fundamental to LCBO's core values.


1. Based on below timeline (review period and deadline), input LCBO no, Desc, 4-period total forecast and 4-period comment in CPFR_Template.

*Please include all SKUs part of your portfolio in 1 file and do not alter the template

2. Send the completed file back to

3. will send the updated file back.

4. If you wish to set up a meeting, please refer to meeting timeframe for each review period per below timelines. Please contact respective Inventory Leads directly. 

CPFR FY 24-25 Timelines

view of schedule
CPFR - Agent Template

Fiscal 24/25

All CPFR submissions should be made to the mailbox Please note this inbox is for Collaborative Planning Forecasting Replenishment (CPFR) submissions only. Meeting requests and questions on your portfolio should be directed to your Inventory Lead.