Vouchers are distributed at venues and events to encourage customers to try products. No purchase is necessary as vouchers are regarded as individual samplings by manufacturers agents/representatives.

Vouchers run for the duration of the Promotional Turn it was applied for.

Program Dates

The Voucher Program starts on the first Sunday and ends on the last Saturday of each Promotional Turn.


The agent/supplier will be charged back for the total retail value of all vouchers redeemed. Vouchers are subject to a five percent administration fee charged on the retail price of every voucher redeemed. H.S.T. is also applied to the total administration fee. The manufacturer covers all costs associated with redemption of these vouchers at their full retail value.

Participation Guidelines

Vouchers are acceptable under AGCO’s Sampling Guidelines (September 2016). Vouchers must follow the conditions set out in Section IV of the guidelines (Product Sampling by a Manufacturer to Individuals).

  1. The voucher must be distributed by the manufacturer's representatives.
  2. The size of samples for any one individual must not exceed a total of:
    • Six (355ml) bottles of beer or coolers, or equivalent.
    • One (750ml) bottle of wine, or equivalent.
    • One (375ml) bottle of spirits, or equivalent.

Please note that vouchers cannot be distributed on LCBO store property.

Voucher Guidelines

Vouchers redeemed at the LCBO must contain the following information:


  1. Description of the offer.
  2. Product Description.
  3. Available at "selected LCBO stores."
  4. Signature of authorization.
  5. "Must be 19 years of age or older" must be stated.
  6. Valid Dates (must coincide with the start and end of the LCBO Promotional Turn).
  7. UPC bar code.
  8. Voucher Number.


  1. Space to write in the date redeemed.
  2. Space to write in the customer's name, with the line: "Must be 19 years of age or older."
  3. Space to write in the LCBO Representative's name.
  4. Space to write in the value of the product.
  5. Product Description, including LCBO number and product size.
  6. Space for store stamp.
  7. Available at "selected LCBO stores."
  8. "Limit of 1 voucher per customer" must be stated.
  9. "Subject to availability " must be stated.
  10. A draft of the Voucher must be submitted for approval to the appropriate Category Manager to ensure that it contains all of the necessary information and is in the proper format.


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Deadline Dates

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