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WEB PO is an efficient means to receive, confirm, request changes and indicate ready to ship for all LCBO Purchase Orders. This system provides comprehensive purchase order visibility to LCBO Vendors.   

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Web PO Manual

April 2024

PO Terms and Conditions

February 2024

Fee Schedule for Non-Compliance to Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

April 2024



More Information - Vendor Performance Program 

Technical support - techsupport@LCBOsupport.com or 1-866-284-8311

Web PO Access Support - tpar@lcbo.com

Purchase Order Support - lcboorders@lcbo.com     

Invoice questions - iSupplier

Labelling issues - quality.services@lcbo.com

Pricing corrections - pricing@lcbo.com

Vintage, Bar Code, UPC/SCC, or TiHi corrections - email your LCBO Buyer

Setting up EDI transactions with the LCBO - wendy.wang@lcbo.com