Our flagship 164, 511 and 217 locations offer an exciting brand takeover opportunity through a bundled Pop-Up Shop opportunity for our Trade partners.

These flagship pop-up promotions offer the chance to showcase a strong brand or series of brands and products that have a tie to the seasonal promotions, gifting occasions, and stories that create excitement for the customer. Additionally, stores 217 and 164 offer digital signage and playlist opportunities in addition to having stationary tasting bars where brands are able to activate events and tastings to bring additional excitement to the display.

This is an Excel Applied Promotional Program. Please apply by completing the Excel Application Form before the deadline.


• 217 & 164: The Pop-Up Shop zone in these stores is comprised of a stand-alone display (2 fixtures at 217 and 1 fixture at 164, each with a front and back) located in the power aisle.
• Each fixture has space and shelving for merchandising products along with a digital portrait screen (55” 4K resolution) that can display scheduled video or animated content, both on the front and back of the fixture.
• Each fixture’s digital portrait screen has an optimized playlist length to ensure maximum exposure to viewers and passersby. The digital screens playlist can accommodate up to 8 brand digital spots with each spot having a play length of 6 seconds, or up to 30 seconds total. Each digital screen’s playlist can be customized*
• 511: 4 stand-alone fixtures with print signage opportunities located in the spirits section of the store.

Assortment Requirement:

• 1 Brand/Portfolio: 4-16 SKUs

Participation Cost:

• $40,000 per Period

*Number of times a video spot will be played: In 54 seconds (approx. 1 min) – a spot played once. - In 1 hour – a spot played 60 times; from 10:00am to 8:00pm (10 hours) = a spot played 600 times NOTE: Time is reserved on the digital screen for LCBO communications related to marketing thematics and in store takeover messaging.

Refer to the Seasonal Overview section for Product Allocations by Period


Store 217 & Store 164
(note fixtures in these two stores are the same)

217 Pop-Up Shop

Store 511

511 Activation Space 1