Spring Summary 


PERIOD 1 March 26 - April 22
PERIOD 2 April 23 - May 20

Seasonal Themes

Spring is a breath of fresh air, a reset, an awakening of the senses and a season filled with energy and optimism. More importantly, it’s the season that ushers in new trends for the year and new product launches across the broader retail sector. This seasonal story will tap into the expertise of our Food & Drink team to highlight what’s trending and new. Our customers will easily and confidently discover trending flavours and recipes, product innovation, convenient formats, celebrity brands and more!

Lead Categories: RTD, Spirits (flavoured vodkas, new gins and tequilas), Rosé, and any products that reflects innovation in the category.


Occasions & Observances

  Core Sales Occasions Core Gifting Occasions Diversity, Inclusion,
 Belonging & Equity
 (DIBE) & Support 
 P1 Good Friday (April 7)
 Easter Monday (April 10)
 Orthodox Easter (April 16)
 N/A Earth Day (April 22)
 P2  Cinco de Mayo (May 5)
 Buildup to Victoria Day (May 22)
 NHL & NBA Playoffs Begin
 Mother's Day (May 14) 
  Spirit of
 Focus &

 Food & Drink
 P1  Environmental
 Campaign +  Good
 Partners Focus

 Charity / Tree Canada   Campaign
 ONLINE: Wine Case
 Sale Promotion
 One-Day Online
 Double Points Event:
 Good Friday (Apr 7)

 Spring Release
 (March 22) 

 P2  Environmental
 Campaign + Good
 Partners Focus
 Summer Kickoff

 Celebrate Mom
 (Rose Wine Promotion)
  Early Summer
 (May 10)



Spring Gifting Program (Gift Cards and Gift Packaging)


 Period 1Period 2
 Feature Fixture ATrending: Sparkling WinesTrending: Sparkling Wines
 Feature Fixture B (New & Seasonal)Seasonal Rosé WinesSeasonal Rosé Wines
 Cocktail of the Month (EA 1)GinTequila
 Entrance TableSpiritsSpirits
 Mini Thematic APremium Sippers for EasterPink Spirits for Mother’s Day
 Mini Thematic BPremium EssentialsRosés/Pink Sparkling Wines
 Front Nesting TableWhite SpiritsWhite Spirits
 Middle Nesting TableCalifornia WinesNew World
Wines Aeroplan Partnership
 Beer Block Pile (A)BeerBeer
 RTD Block Pile (B)RTDRTD
 Loyalty Block Pile (C)Spirits/WinesSpirits/Wines
 Mini Thematic C (EA 10)Local Beer for SpringNew Local Beer/ Cider
 Block Pile D Activation AreaWhite SpiritsWhite Spirits
 Beer Excitement Zone ABeerBeer
 Beer Excitement Zone CBeerRTD
 Beer Excitement Zone DBeerRTD
 Spirits Cold Room
 Spirited Picks

White Spirits

White Spirits

 Front End Merchandiser 1Brown SpiritsBrown Spirits
 Front End Merchandiser 2WinesWines
 Front End Merchandiser 3Brown SpiritsBrown Spirits
 BCRTD Impulse Risers (1-4)RTDRTD
 Pop Up ShopsRTD/ Brand Innovation TakeoverRTD/ Brand Innovation Takeover
 Enhanced Occasions PackageEaster:
Premium Wines:
6 Red, 6 White, 6 Sparkling,
6 Rose
Mother’s Day:
9 Rose, 9 Rose Sparkling, 3 Pink Gins, 3 Pink Liqueurs


 Period 1Period 2
 End Aisle 1 (COTM) See info above.
 End Aisle 2 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 3 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 4 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 5 Vintages Vintages
 End Aisle 6 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 7 Vintages Vintages
 End Aisle 8 RTD RTD
 End Aisle 9 Beer Beer
 End Aisle 10 (MT C) Beer Beer
 End Aisle 11 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 12 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 13 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 14 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 15 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 16 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 17 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 18



 End Aisle 19 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 20 Beer Beer
 Vintages End Aisle (EA VL1)  Vintages Essentials on
 offer (LTO/BAP)
 Vintages Essentials on
 offer (LTO/BAP)
 Discovery End Aisle (EA W5) Kosher Greece

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Seasonal Overview: Spring - FY 23/24

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