Holiday Summary 


PERIOD 9 November 10 - November 30
PERIOD 10 December 1 - January 4

Seasonal Themes

Our holiday campaign will reinforce LCBO as THE retail destination gift giving and inspired entertaining ideas. We’ll motivate consumers by highlighting our best and most unique gifts for the wine lover, the spirits

connoisseur and the beer aficionado on your list. Gifting will continue to be the primary focus. Entertaining will be secondary.

Product Discovery: Easy Gift Solutions


Occasions & Observances

  Core Sales & Gifting Occasions Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging
 & Equity (DIBE) & Support Occasions
 P9 Black Friday (November 24)
 Cyber Monday (November 27)
 Remembrance Day (November 11)
 P10  Christmas (December 25)
 Boxing Day (December 26)
 New Year’s Eve (December 31)
 International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Dec 3)
 Giving Tuesday (Dec 3)
 Hanukkah/Chanukah (Dec 25-Jan 2)
 Kwanzaa (Dec 26 - January 1)


  SOS Focus & Fundraising Campaigns Aeroplan Promotions
 P9 Gifts of Impact / Moderation Focus
 Children's Chrities Fundraising
 Campaigns / Moderation Focus
 ONLINE & IN-STORE: Member Appreciation
 ONLINE & IN-STORE: Vintages Build A Case
 P10  Children's Charities Fundraising Campaigns ONLINE & IN-STORE: Vintages Build A Case
 One-Day Online Aeroplan Double Points Event:
 Cyber Monday (December 2)

Holiday Gifting Program (Gift Cards and Gift Packaging)


                    DISPLAY PRODUCT FOCUS
 Period 9Period 10
 Feature Fixture A & B                         Holiday Gifts Program (Not Sold)
 Cocktail of the Month (EA 1) Rum Cream Liqeur
 Entrance Table Spirits Spirits
 Spirits Gifting Display Aged Spirits Gifts Luxe Spirits Gifts
 Wines Gifting Display Holiday Gifts -
 Vintages Essentials
 Holiday Gifts -
 Front Nesting Table Spirits
 (Super Premium/Luxe bar)
 Middle Nesting Table Customer Favourite 
 Wines for the Holidays
 Flight A: Sparkling/
 Flight B: Vintages Essentials
 Beer Block Pile (A) Beer Beer
 RTD Block Pile (B) RTD RTD
 Wines Loyalty Block Pile (C) Wines Wines
 Spirits Loyalty Block Pile (C) Spirits Spirits
 Local Beer & Cider Display (EA 10) RTD Beer
 Block Pile D Activation Area Spirits Spirits
 Excitement Zone A
 Beer Beer
 Excitement Zone C Beer RTD
 Excitement Zone D RTD Beer
 Spirits Cold Room Brown Spirits
 Spirited Picks Spirits Spirits
 Front End Merchandiser 1 White Spirits Impulse White Spirits Impulse
 Front End Merchandiser 2 Wines Impulse Wines Impulse
 Front End Merchandiser 3 Brown Spirits Impulse Brown Spirits Impulse
 RTD Impulse Risers (1-4) RTD RTD
 Pop Up Shops Wines Spirits
 Flagship Spotlight Spirits Wines


 Period 9Period 10
 End Aisle 1 (COTM) See info above.
 End Aisle 2 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 3  Wines Wines
 End Aisle 4 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 5  Wines Wine
 End Aisle 6 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 7 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 8 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 9 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 10 (MT C) RTD Beer
 End Aisle 11 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 12 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 13 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 14 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 15 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 16 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 17 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 18  Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 19 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 20 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 Vintages End Aisle
 (EA VL1) 
 Vintages Essentials on offer
 Vintages Essentials on offer
 Discovery End Aisle
 (EA W5)
 France -Beaujolais France - Champagne