Fall Summary 


PERIOD 7 September 10 - October 7
PERIOD 8 October 8 - November 4

Seasonal Themes

The 30th anniversary of Food & Drink coincides with our fall focus on Ontario VQA wines in Period 7 and cocktails in Period 8. Food & Drink has been and continues to be Ontario’s much-beloved and go-to source for inspiration, trends and ideas on how to make the most of any occasion at home. To commemorate this 30 year milestone, LCBO is planning a special celebration of F&D with our customers. We will lean into this milestone during Period 7 and 8 inviting customers to discover Ontario’s best VQA, 30 years of inspired recipes and pairings plus the best fall cocktails. There will be exciting and incremental opportunities to both highlight and integrate your brands as part of Food & Drink’s 30th celebration.

When applying, please share your best ideas and moments with Food & Drink!

Period 7: 30 years of inspired local pairings (Lead Category: Ontario VQA + F&D recipes)

In this period, we will promote all things local with a spotlight on the exceptional VQA wines made right here in Ontario.

Period 8: 30 years of inspiring cocktails (Lead Category: Brown Spirits)

In this period, we will promote cocktail exploration and how to pair food & spirits/cocktails.


Occasions & Observances

  Core Sales Occasions Core Gifting Occasions Diversity, Inclusion,
 Belonging & Equity
 (DIBE) & Support 
 P7  Lead up to Thanksgiving
 NFL Season begins
 N/A National Day For Truth & Reconciliation  (September 30)
 Rosh Hashanah (September 15-17)
 Yom Kippur (September 24-25)
 Franco-Ontarian Day (September 25)
 P8  Thanksgiving (October 9)
 Halloween (Tuesday,   October 31)
 NHL & NBA Season begins
 N/A Day of the Dead (November 2)
 Diwali Lead-up (Nov 12)
  Spirit of
 Focus &

 Food & Drink

 Focus on Ontario
 Good Partners
 Support Local/United
 Way Charity
 Fundraising Campaign


 Fall Release
 (September 13)


 LCBO Impact Report   Published

 Partnership Contest   Opportunity

 One-Day Online
 Double Points Event:
 (Monday, October 7)




Fall Gifting Program (Gift Cards and Gift Packaging)


                    DISPLAY PRODUCT FOCUS
 Period 7Period 8
 Feature Fixture A Local Spirits All Play NOT SOLD
 Feature Fixture B (New & Seasonal) Spirits NOT SOLD
 Cocktail of the Month (EA 1) Local Vodka + VQA Red Wine:
 Red Lemonade
 Perfectly Thymed Manhattan
 Entrance Table Ontario Wines (SOS Focus) Brown Spirits
 Mini Thematic A Local Spirits Gifts Whisky Gifts
 Mini Thematic B

 VQA Sparkling

 Red Wine Gifts
 (Premium GL / Essentials)
 Front Nesting Table Flight A - Ontario Sustainable
 Flight B - IDB

 Brown Spirits
 Middle Nesting Table Flight A - Ontario VQA Harvest
 Flight B - IDB

 Brown Spirits
 Beer Block Pile (A) Beer Beer
 RTD Block Pile (B) RTD RTD
 Loyalty Block Pile (C) VQA Wines Spirits/Wines
 Mini Thematic C (EA 10) Local Beer - OCB Local Beer for Autumn
 Block Pile D Activation Area Spirits Spirits
 Beer Excitement Zone A Beer Beer
 Beer Excitement Zone C Beer RTD
 Beer Excitement Zone D Beer Beer
 Spirits Cold Room
 Spirits Spirits
 Spirited Picks Spirits Spirits
 Front End Merchandiser 1 White Spirits White Spirits
 Front End Merchandiser 2 Ontario VQA Wines Wines
 Front End Merchandiser 3 Brown Spirits

 Brown Spirits

 BCRTD Impulse Risers (1-4) RTD RTD
 Pop Up Shops Ontario Wine Regional Stories Halloween (All Play)
 Enhanced Occasions Package Thanksgiving Hosting with
 Local Brands - All Play


 Period 7Period 8
 End Aisle 1 (COTM) See info above.
 End Aisle 2 Flight A: VQA 
 Flight B: IDB
 Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 3 Flight A: VQA 
 Flight B: IDB
 Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 4 Flight A: VQA 
 Flight B: IDB
 Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 5  Flight A: VQA 
 Flight B: IDB
 Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 6 Flight A: VQA 
 Flight B: IDB
 Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 7 Flight A: VQA 
 Flight B: IDB
 Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 8 Flight A: VQA 
 Flight B: IDB
 Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 9 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 10 (MT C) Beer Beer
 End Aisle 11 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 12 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 13 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 14 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 15 Brown Spirits Wines
 End Aisle 16 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 17 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 18 Beer Wines
 End Aisle 19 Beer White Spirits
 End Aisle 20 Beer White Spirits
 Vintages End Aisle
 (EA VL1) 
 Vintages Essentials on offer   
 Vintages Essentials on offer   (LTO/BAP)
 Discovery End Aisle
 (EA W5)
 Kosher Germany / Central Europe   (Hungary)

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Seasonal Overview: Fall - FY 23/24