Can we submit multiple opportunities per period for consideration?

An agent/supplier may be granted multiple promotional opportunities for a single SKU or different brands within the same period. 

Will we be able to weigh in and/or approve creative elements associated with our approved promotional programs?

We will collaborate on creative direction and leveraging brand assets, where appropriate.

LCBO manages all final creative and will not provide an approval process from the brand/supplier. LCBO will also be fully responsible for production and installation of displays (except approved supplier produced merchandisers).

Can a trade association apply for a promotion to highlight a country, region of category?

Yes. Please apply through the standard application process and include details of the promotional message, the support activity planned and the estimated number of participating products. The product list can be finalized in partnership with the category team if the application is accepted.


Can external sponsorships be leveraged through the LCBO promotions opportunities?

Yes, provided the supplier has done their due diligence to secure the necessary approvals for LCBO to use and promote the partnership. Approvals will need to be documented in a formal letter of agreement or contract. This is a mandatory requirement and should be confirmed prior to submitting the promotional opportunity proposal.

Will inventory be forced to participating stores for paid displays?

A minimum display quantity is forced to participating stores for paid displays. The Store will build ‘ready-for-business’ promotional displays.


Questions regarding Promotional Opportunities or the application process may be directed to the appropriate Product Manager.

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