Winter Summary 


PERIOD 11 December 31 - January 27, 2024
PERIOD 12 January 28 - February 24
PERIOD 13 February 25 - March 30

Seasonal Themes

Period 11: As with previous years, P11 will focus on Lighter Choices to align with Ontarians post-holiday priorities and the growing interest in trends such as Dry (or Damp) January and an increased mindfulness around alcohol consumption. The focus will be on driving awareness of the lighter choices that can be found at the LCBO and educating customers on how to find lighter choices at the LCBO.

Period 12 & 13:  will shift to focus on Dream Destinations, highlighting the incredible regions and countries associated with our products. The campaign will have a strong Aeroplan component including added incentives (e.g., 2x points, multiple contests) for purchasing products with base Aeroplan offers.

We are looking to maximize base Aeroplan offers across key display points. Travel/Destination related Value-Adds are also welcome.


Occasions & Observances

  Core Sales Occasions Core Gifting     Occasions Diversity, Inclusion,
 Belonging & Equity
 (DIBE) & Support 
 P11  NFL Playoffs
  N/A Dry/Damp January
 (Moderation Focus)
 Robbie Burns Day (January 25)
 P12  Super Bowl (February 11)
 Family Day (February 19)
 Valentines Day
 (Tues. February 14)
 Lunar New Year (February 10)
 Black History Month
 P13 St Patrick's Day (Friday, March 17)
 Good Friday (March 29)
 Easter Sunday (March 31)
 N/A International Women’s History
 Month & Day (March 8)
 Spirit of Sustainability Focus
 & Fundraising Campaigns
 P11  N/A N/A N/A
 P12  Black History Month Campaign +
 Good Partner Feature
 CEE/Black North / BHA Fundraising Campaign
 Contests & Rewards Promotion
 P13 Spirit of Inclusion & Equity Campaign +
 Good Partner Feature
 Women’s College Hospital Fundraising Campaign
 Contests & Rewards Promotion



                    DISPLAY PRODUCT FOCUS
             Period 11Period 12        Period 13
 Feature Fixture A Spirits Spirits Spirits
 Feature Fixture B (New & Seasonal) Spirits Spirits Spirits
 Cocktail of the Month (EA 1) Vodka :
 Bloody Vodka Soda
 Brandy/ Congnac:
 Jack Rose
 Gold Rush
 Entrance Table Spirits Spirits Spirits
 Mini Thematic A Smart Buy Gifts Valentine’s Gifts
 Women in Spirits
 Mini Thematic B

 Smart Buy Gifts

 Gifts for your
 Loved One   
 Sparkling focus)
 Premium Wines for   the Host/ Hostess   (Easter)
 Front Nesting Table Spirits Spirits

 Brown Spirits

 Middle Nesting Table Lighter Choices -
 <5g/L w/LTO
 (Aeroplan   Partnership)
 Beer Block Pile (A) Beer Beer Beer
 RTD Block Pile (B) RTD RTD RTD
 Loyalty Block Pile (C)  Spirits/Wine
 partnerships/ offers
 Aeroplan   partnerships/ offers
 Mini Thematic C (EA 10) Local Beer/Cider -
 Lighter Choices
 Local Beer for
 Local Cider
 Block Pile D Activation Area Spirits Spirits Spirits
 Beer Excitement Zone A Beer Beer Beer
 Beer Excitement Zone C Beer RTD Beer
 Beer Excitement Zone D Beer RTD Beer
 Spirits Cold Room
 Spirits Spirits Spirits
 Spirited Picks Spirits Spirits Spirits
 Front End Merchandiser 1 Spirits Spirits Spirits
 Front End Merchandiser 2 Small format/
 Impulse Wines
 Small format/
 Impulse Wines

 Small format/   Impulse Wines

 Front End Merchandiser 3 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 BCRTD Impulse Risers (1-4) RTD RTD RTD
 Pop Up Shops Lighter Choice
 Brand Takeover
 Country/ Destination
 (Beer) with Aeroplan
 St. Patrick’s Day
 (Beer and Spirits)
 Enhanced Occasions Package Lighter Choices Lunar NY or
 Valentine’s Day
 Wines Portfolio   Takeover (Easter)


 Period 11Period 12Period 13 
 End Aisle 1 (COTM) See info above.
 End Aisle 2 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits White  Spirits
 End Aisle 3 Low Alc/Low Cal Wine Wines Regional focus w/   Aeroplan Wines Regional focus w/   Aeroplan
 End Aisle 4 White Spirits White Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 5  Wines Spirits Wines
 End Aisle 6 Wines Spirits Wines
 End Aisle 7 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits Wines
 End Aisle 8 Wines Wines Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 9 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits Wine
 End Aisle 10 (MT C) Beer Beer Beer
 End Aisle 11 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 12 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 13 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits Wine
 End Aisle 14 Wines Wines Brown SPirits
 End Aisle 15 White Spirits White Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 16 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 17 Wines Wines Wines
 End Aisle 18 White Spirits  White Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 19 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 20 White Spirits White Spirits Wines
 Vintages End Aisle
 (EA VL1) 
 Vintages Essentials on        offer (LTO/ BAP) Vintages Essentials on       offer (LTO/ BAP) Vintages Essentials on       offer (LTO/ BAP)
 Discovery End Aisle
 (EA W5)
 TBD East Asia Greece

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Seasonal Overview: Winter - FY 23/24