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The Feature Fixture display is a wall unit that includes a header (channel) sign as well as possible space for box signs. It is typically located at the front entrance of the store and features high impact, multi-brand seasonal stories, including existing and new products that fit the theme.

This is an Excel Applied Promotional Program. Please apply by completing the Excel Application Form before the deadline.


• 161 Stores total (FFA) / 130 Stores total (FFB)
• Refer to the Participating Store Lists linked below for stores and flighting information.

Assortment Requirement:

• FFA: 15-30 SKUs (including Value-Adds, if applicable)
• FFB: 10-20SKUs


This Package, inclusive of all opportunities and non-negotiable, is available at the following rates: 

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Refer to the Seasonal Overview section for Product Allocations by Period.