Q1. How many products can I have at my tasting?

A1. Up to 3 products under 7% but only 2 or less of products over 7%.

Q2. Can I create applications for NEW products that are not currently listed but will be at the time of the tasting?

A2. You can! Please apply using a currently listed product to stores that will be “forced” the new product only. Please place a note with the application with the NEW products number and send a force list to instoretastings@lcbo.com noting the application number.

Q3. How do I select “Enhanced Tasting” as a tasting type?

A3. Please place a note with the application that you wish to apply for an enhanced event and we will update the application on your behalf.

Q4. How do I know which stores are AA & AAA locations and LCBO staff-led only?

A4. A list will be maintained on the message board and included in the Active Store list maintained on Doing Business with the LCBO.

Q5. What if the product I selected for the tasting I not available at the time of the tasting?

A5. Please email instoretastings@lcbo.com to determine if a substitute is possible. If the product is available at other locations but not the store the tasting is at a substitute may not be selected rather the agent should work with the store to transfer the product to the location of the tasting.

Q6. There is a local event on a specific day, and I would like to have a tasting on that day but I can’t select dates on the application. What can I do?

A6. Please place a note with the application explaining the special circumstance and date and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q7. I would like to make a cocktail but the product I need to add is not under my agency. Can I have products from other agents at my tasting?

A7. You can not enter different agents’ products into your application. You can use the product, but you will need to purchase the product at retail.

Q8. I missed the deadline can I still submit an application?

A8. No. The final deadline is as described in order to allow stores time to prepare and for inventory to be sent where needed.

Q9. Can I bring food to the tasting?

A9. Food can only be served at Enhanced tasting events and the demonstrator must have a valid food handling certificate.