To access participating store lists and the store promotional set up workbooks, please click on the Fiscal Year below and scroll to the appropriate period.

Fiscal Year 2024/2025
Fiscal Year 2023/2024

Fiscal Year 2022/2023


How to use Participating Store Lists


How often are lists updated?

• Participating Store Lists (in Excel) are updated and posted to the      website each period, 4 weeks before the start of each promo launch.

How do I filter by program?

• Under “Program Name” (column A), select the display/program (i.e. Front Nesting Table,
   Mini-Thematic B etc.)

How do I find information on flighting?

• In the downloaded Excel report, under “Program Name” (column A), select the display/program       (i.e. Front Nesting Table, Mini-Thematic B  etc.)
• Then, under “Flight/Language” (column L), select the Flights required (i.e. for Premium select         both “Premium - FLS” and “Premium - ENG”)
• NOTE: Stores with the FLS language designation require bilingual signage.

How do I find information on End Aisles?

• Under “Program Name” (column A), select “Total Sold End Aisles”
• Use the cheat sheet information below and then filter the “Program Value” (column B) of the           downloaded report for stores that participate in each sold end aisle.
• For example - to look for stores that participate in End Aisle #5, you will need to filter Program         Value 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 (and ‘unselect’ 3).

What other information is included in the report?

Column A: Program Name (i.e. Display)Column G: District Name
Column B: Store NumberColumn H: Region
Column C: Program Value (i.e. End Aisle #, Display Type)Column I: Region Name
Column D: Store NameColumn J: Store Type
Column E: CityColumn K: Store Class
Column F: DistrictColumn L: Flight / Language

NOTE: The top row of the document lists the Year and Period.