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The Entrance Table is a square or round table situated near the front of the store, and is the first display within the customer journey.

Preference will be given to large volume SKUs or brands with a seasonally relevant compelling, simple to communicate offer, such as a standalone or combined big savings support program, appealing to a wide customer base leveraging LTO and/or Aeroplan and/or value-add with a preference for a maximum total saving of close to 20%.

This program will turn every promotional period.

This is an Excel Applied Promotional Program. Please apply by completing the Excel Application Form before the deadline.


• 169 Stores total
• Refer to the Participating Store Lists linked below for stores and flighting information

Assortment Requirement:

• 1-4 SKUs (including Value-Adds, if applicable)

LCBO.com Paid Placement Positioning:

• Prime (first page) placement on the respective sub-category search page on LCBO.com. This placement results in 6.8x more likely to be clicked vs second page placement. Click here for Paid Placement information.

This Package, inclusive of all opportunities and non-negotiable, is available at the following rates:

Refer to the Seasonal Overview section for Product Allocations by Period. 

*Pricing has been updated for FY25