CFIA Food labelling for industry

The CFIA Food Labelling for Industry tool is the food labelling reference for products sold in Canada. It provides clear guidance and a self-assessment tool to assist industry in complying with federal food labelling requirements. The Food Labelling for Industry webpage will provide you with information on all the requirements and permitted claims concerning the labelling for your product.  Additional requirements specific to beverage alcohol can be found at the Alcohol -CFIA Food labelling for industry link in the heading of this section.  

Alcohol - CFIA Food labelling for industry

This is a section within the CFIA Food labelling for industry tool, which contains additional requirements and exemptions specific to beverage alcohol, both with and without prescribed standards. Refer to the Industry Labelling Tool for core labelling and voluntary claims and statements requirements that apply to all prepackaged foods.

Food and Drug Regulations

Division 2: Alcoholic Beverages

The Canadian Food and Drug Regulations (FDR) set out compositional standards, labelling requirements, ingredients or food additives acceptable for use in food products in Canada.  Division 2 of the FDR outlines the standard of identity of beverage alcohol products, the standard provided details around process, ingredients and aging requirements.  

Food Labelling Modernization Initiative

The objective of the Food Labelling Modernization initiative is to develop a more modern food labelling system that responds to current and future challenges.  This initiative introduced labelling updates found in the Food and Drug Regulations.   This website will provide the latest information about this initiative, additional information and related links from CFIA/Health Canada. 

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) set out traceability requirements for food products including beverage alcohol.  This regulation also establishes the framework for imported food items to ensure that they are sourced from suppliers with food standards comparable to the Canadian Food Safety Standards.  This website provides a link to the full regulations, and many helpful tools and links for suppliers to find out how the new regulations apply to them.

CALJ Product Identification Standards for Use in the Distribution of Beverage Alcohol

The Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions (CALJ) developed a harmonized industry standard for product identification used in the distribution of beverage alcohol.  This document describes standards for the use of the GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) bar codes in the distribution of beverage alcohol in Canada.

CALJ - Product Identification Standards for Use in the Distribution of Beverage Alcohol - November 2018 (EN)

CALJ - Normes identification produits - November 2018 (FR)


The GS1 system provides for the use of unambiguous identification keys to identify goods, services, etc. worldwide.  The GS1 standards are designed to improve the efficacy, safety and visibility of supply chains across a wide variety of sectors and channels. Please see the link in the heading of this section for more information on GS1 systems and standards

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Website provides links to Liquor Advertising Guidelines: Liquor Sales Licensees and Manufacturers.  This website also provides various resources for liquor sales and licensing in Ontario.

Government Ontario E-laws

Government of Ontario E-laws Website.  This website provides access to Liquor Control Acts & associated regulations, Liquor License Act & associated regulations, Wine Content and Labelling Acts & associated regulation, Vintners Quality Alliance Act & associated regulations