As communicated on January 15, 2024, a Ready to Ship Confirmation KPI has been introduced. Vendors must confirm the Purchase Order as Ready to Ship through Web PO or EDI on or before the Scheduled Ship Date or the end of the Vendor Prep Time (Scheduled Arrival Date minus the Transportation Leadtime). Effective today, failure to meet the Ready to Ship Confirmation KPI requirement invokes a handling and administration fee of $50 for each PO. An invoice for the total accrued will be invoiced at the end of each period.

For additional details, FAQs, and program information, visit Vendor Performance Program on Questions like "How to Confirm Ready to Ship?" or "How to Dispute a Fee?" are addressed. You can also get information on “How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Vendor Performance KPI Results Emails”.

Thank you for your ongoing support of LCBO’s Vendor Performance Program, designed to provide excellence in service to our customers.

Nick Nanos