Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! We hope you had the chance to relax over the holidays and stayed safe.

We are excited to start the transition of Specialty Services operations from the Toronto Retail Service Centre (RSC) to the Trillium facility on an agent by agent basis. The transition of the High Volume Consignment (HVC) products will start on January 11, 2021 and on January 18 the first agent will transition from the Toronto RSC to the Trillium facility. Your CSR will be in touch approximately one week in advance of your transition to provide the exact date of your transition.

Please review the following materials to prepare you for your transition:

  1. Directions to the facility and the facility yard map
  2. How to book an appointment on Opendock.com for order pickups and product returns
  3. How to pickup an order at the Trillium facility (Video). Note we took the video in December when substantial construction on the building was complete and the yard was being finished. Please use Google Chrome or your mobile device to watch the video. 
  4. How to pickup an order at the Trillium facility (Instructions) 
  5. Transition checklist 
  6. FAQ document 

These materials are hosted on the Doing Business with LCBO website if you need to access them again in the future and we will resend them directly to you approximately one week before your transition.

Your LCBO CSR will support you during your transition and you can always email us at psinfo@lcbo.com.

Thank you,


Arqile Karanxha
General Manager, Toronto Retail Service Centre