Through our Quality Assurance services, we are committed to bringing Ontarians high quality products that comply with regulatory requirements for quality and safety. As a strong supporter of our Spirit of Sustainability values, Quality Assurance tested more than 28,000 products, performing over 700,000 tests in the past year, ensuring Ontarians have access to safe and quality choices. Collaborating with a large number of agents and suppliers, we continue to identify ways to evolve our services to better serve the needs of our clients.

To continue our commitment to quality and efficiency, we announced some process changes regarding the administration of lab processing fees in July 2021 and March 2022. These changes are now in effect:

  1. For products tested by our Quality Assurance Laboratory, the Certificate of Analysis will no longer act as an invoice. Instead, a separate invoice letter will be issued for any sample processed by the laboratory, which will add clarity to the Certificate of Analysis and offer tailored information for invoicing purposes. The Certificate of Analysis and invoice documents will continue to be emailed to clients; clients wishing to update their email address(es) in our system may contact LCBO Quality Assurance office at:  As well, LCBO suppliers can also access a copy of these documents on the iSupplier portal.
  2. For products where the annual quantity received exceeds 90L, lab testing fees will apply. At this time, the standard analysis cost per sample of wine and beer is $250, and the cost per sample of spirit is $225 (plus taxes where applicable).
  3. For products where the full testing fee is not applicable, a processing fee of $50 (plus taxes) will apply.   
  4. The cost of all lab processing fees will be charged back to the supplier of the product.

Thank you for your partnership as we continue to provide the highest standards in Quality Assurance and lab testing to our valued partners and customers.  Inquiries about Quality Assurance requirements for product testing and compliance or laboratory testing services may be directed to  LCBO Quality Assurance at or (416) 864-6724.