The LCBO welcomes the opportunity to further support bars, restaurants and other businesses with a licence to operate a liquor consumption premises, through the implementation of changes to LCBO’s pricing policies, as directed by the Ontario government.

As of January 1, 2022, applicable business will receive a 10% discount on beer, spirits, and wine and no longer be subject to the 6% mark-up on wine and spirits.  When combined with HST recovery and container deposit fees, licensees will effectively pay 20 per cent less than retail prices for alcohol purchased wholesale from the LCBO. The discount does not apply to kegs.  

All systems where authorized businesses can place orders or purchase product through the LCBO, including at retail stores, direct from depots, through Specialty Services and will be updated to automatically reflect the new discounts as of this date. Our return policy remains in place and requires returns within 30 days and with original receipt and we remind customers to make returns to their original point of sale only. 

For manufacturers authorized under the direct delivery to licensees program, the reporting template has been modified to
reflect the new pricing changes. The updated reporting template will be shared directly with manufacturers and all sales made under the Direct Delivery to Licensees policy (as of January 1, 2022) should be reported using the new reporting template.

We want all business customers to feel supported and will continue to offer an exceptional customer experience as they purchase and/or return products during the transition.   

We know this is a busy time for your business, as we continue to navigate COVID-19 and enter the busiest two weeks of the holiday season. If you have any questions, your LCBO representatives are here to help.