Please visit to view the updated Promotion Opportunities Document and updated F23 Excel Promotion Application Form:

Please also note important items that are included in this update:

We have eliminated the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Application process effective P5; moving forward each promotion will have only ONE deadline, regardless of application method.

        Phase 1 Promotions will now be referred to as Excel Applied Promotions, and Phase 2 Promotions will now be referred         to as MPTS Applied Promotions. The NEW deadline for all P5 and P6 Applications is now January 7 (previously Phase         1 Applications were due Dec 24 and Phase 2 Applications were due January 21).

        For a full schedule refer to the Promotional Opportunities document and the Webpage linked above.

As a reminder, effective as of October 2021 please email all Excel Promo Applications to, instead of your respective Category team partner.