The LCBO’s Sale of Data (SOD) program is available to Agents and enables subscribers to electronically download sales and inventory data.

SOD Program Renewal

Current subscriptions are set to expire on March 31. To ensure uninterrupted access, you must renew and pay the subscription fee by Wednesday March 31, 2021. Package details for 2021/22 including how to subscribe, subscription costs and payment methods can be found on the SOD package and fees document.

Sale of Data Terms and Conditions Reminder

Sales Data is provided to the subscriber strictly for their organization’s use and may not be duplicated, transferred or provided in any medium or format, in whole or in part, to any third party without the prior written consent of the LCBO. The prior written permission of the LCBO is required for any form of publication or distribution of the Sales Data or any part thereof. For additional information regarding terms and conditions please visit our Application Agreement under “Terms and Conditions”.

Set/Subset Hierarchy Update

Each year the LCBO reviews, reclassifies and retires Sets and Subsets. The LCBO has made changes to the hierarchy for the Ready to Drink portfolio. More information can be found on page 3 of the package information document regarding these changes.

For additional information please visit the Sale of Data website.

Questions regarding the SOD Program may be directed to