With the LCBO’s sales objectives and strategic initiatives in mind, we have prepared the annual sales targets for F23-24 for regularly listed products sold in our retail stores.

The methodology used to determine all sales targets remain unchanged from last year and reflect the changing consumer demand.

Notable updates this year include:

  1. The set New Zealand White has been broken out into two groupings, A = Sauvignon Blanc, B = Whites excluding Sauvignon Blanc
  2. The Sales target has been aligned for small format size wines from all regions
  3. As we continue to evolve the ‘Whisky Shop’ program, we are now including respective subset targets which will be reviewed. 

As you know, to ensure that your product(s) remain in good standing at the LCBO, these targets must be met or exceeded. Products will begin to be assessed against these updated targets beginning May 2023. Targets by merchandising group are attached.

Questions regarding targets may be directed to the applicable Category Manager.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

  • Abhay Garg
  • Vice President, Merchandising, LCBO
F23-24 Merchandising Sales Targets