Dear Valued Trade Partners, 

Following the Spirit of Sustainability update you received today from LCBO President & CEO George Soleas, I would like to provide additional details on the evolution of our Lightweight Glass Bottle initiative. Lightweight glass provides ergonomic benefits for our Retail and Supply Chain employees through reduced case weight handling; reduces carbon emissions through more sustainable distribution; and supports and recognizes sustainability efforts by our suppliers and partners in the beverage alcohol industry. 

The program was launched in 2010 with a focus on 750mL volume products and in subsequent years evolved to include glass bottles sized 1000mL and 1500mL, while also raising the price compliance threshold to products under $16. 

As the LCBO’s lightweight glass policy enters a new decade, we plan to broaden our commitment to this important program. This evolution will introduce a phased-in increase of the retail price threshold as outlined in the enclosed appendix. 

With well over 90 per cent of products packaged in 750mL glass bottles meeting the LCBO’s lightweight glass requirements today, we have reduced annual waste by more than 6 million kg since launch. That’s the weight of 60 blue whales. This accomplishment is a credit to our partnership, and we thank all of our partners who have worked together with us to evolve product packaging and source lightweight glass in support of this initiative. We are making a difference for our planet and our people.  

A summary of the Lightweight Glass policy and our evolution and implementation plans are attached for your review.  Please do not hesitate to contact the representative Category Managers in Wines and Vintages or LCBO’s Quality Assurance Department if you have any questions. 


Carolyn O’Grady-Gold 
Vice President, Merchandising
(416) 365-5872   
43 Freeland St. Toronto, ON, M5E 1A4 



What You Need to Know: Details of the Current Lightweight Glass Policy 


LCBO and Vintages Essentials Wines 

  1. Includes: Flavoured, Fortified, Aperitif, Desert wines, Fruit wines & Light Refreshing Wine Beverages
  2. 750 mL Glass bottles, with a retail value less than $16.00 
  3. 1L and 1.5 L Glass bottles, irrespective of retail price 


Glass Weight Requirements  

Glass Bottle TypeMaximum WeightWeight Tolerance
750 mL - Non-Hock Bottles420g15g
750 mL - Hock Bottles460g15g
1 L Bottles550g20g
1.5 L Bottles700g25g


Fee for Non-Conformance 

$1:00 per bottle 


  1. Vintages Front Line Releases & Virtual Offerings
  2. Niche & specialty purchases Vintages products:
    • Annual order case volumes less than 350 (9 L) cases
    • Packaged in 750 mL glass bottles, retailing less than $16.00
  3. Sparkling & Effervescent wines:
    • Surcharged with a CO2 pressure ≥ 120 kPa @ 10 ◦C
    • Includes crackling, petillant and frizzante type wines 

For exempted and premium (over the Retail price threshold) products, LCBO encourages suppliers to continue to focus on reducing the weight of packaging and the environmental footprint. 

Other details

Products meeting the eligibility requirements for the 420g but weighing 620g or more will be discontinued at the LCBO  


Upcoming Evolution of the Lightweight Glass Policy 

Increases to the retail price threshold for compliance for product packaged in 750mL glass bottles will be implemented as follows:

  1. Effective April 2021, the threshold will be set for products retailing at less than $17.00
  2. Effective October 2021, the threshold will be set for products retailing at less than $18.00
  3. Effective April 2022, the threshold will be set for products retailing at less than $19.00