As the LCBO’s lightweight glass policy enters a new decade, we would like to provide our valued trade partners with an update as we plan to broaden our commitment to this important program.

As you know, the LCBO paused the application of monetary penalties to suppliers who are found non-compliant with this program, while we evolved our technology to support the process.  This has now been resolved and penalties will be re-implemented beginning November 16, 2020.  In addition, as previously announced in November 2019, we are introducing a phased increase of the retail price threshold applicable to the 750 mL bottles, as outlined in the attached appendix.

Lightweight glass supports the health and well-being of our Retail and Supply Chain employees through the ergonomic benefits associated with reduced case weight handling. It minimizes our impact on the environment through reduced waste and carbon emissions, and a more responsible supply chain. Lightweight glass also moves the industry forward by promoting enhanced social and environmental standards, and championing good partners who are making strides in sustainability.

With well over 90 percent of products packaged in 750mL glass bottles meeting the LCBO’s lightweight glass requirements today, we have reduced annual waste by more than 6 million kg’s since launch.  This accomplishment is a credit to our partners, and we thank all of you who have worked with us to evolve product packaging and source lightweight glass in support of this initiative.  We are making a difference for the good of our planet and our people.

A summary of the Lightweight Glass policy, together with the evolution and implementation plans, are attached for your review.  Please do not hesitate to contact the representative Category Managers in Wines and Vintages if you have any questions.

LCBO Lightweight Glass Bottle Policy