Update: Process Changes relating to the Trillium Facility 


With the transition of Ecommerce to the Trillium facility complete, it is a good time to remind you of the key process changes:

*Direct Delivery orders are processed exclusively through the DDVP application.  Once you receive the order through DDVP, ensure the delivery arrives at the Trillium Facility within 7 days from the date of the order.  If you are not able to meet this deadline, email store0974@lcbo.com for next steps.

*Trillium is an appointment only facility and all appointments must to be booked via Opendock with an active LCBO SOQ number. Enter the LCBO SOQ number into the PO Field in Opendock (see sample below)

*Shipping Accuracy:

o   Overages/Mis-ships/Substitutions will be considered as unsolicited inventory.  You will be notified of the unsolicited shipment and requested to provide direction to either arrange pick up at the Trillium facility or have it destroyed onsite.  

o   Short Shipments: If you are short inventory, then ship what is available. If you do not have any of the inventory, contact Store0974@lcbo.com and the order will be cancelled.

*New or Discontinued Products:

o   Please contact Store0974@lcbo.com with a listing of any new or discontinued SKUs


For questions relating to this process or the DDVP program, please email us at store0974@lcbo.com.

Image shows where to insert the SOQ number in the PO Field in Opendock