How to Book an Appointment for Deliveries to the Trillium facility


These instructions outline the steps required to book an appointment for an inbound delivery to the Trillium facility. 

Keep in mind the following standards: 

  1. Deliveries will not be permitted to the Trillium facility without an appointment.
  2. Appointment bookings can be placed up to 30 calendar days in advance. 
  3. For next day appointments, make the booking in Opendock by 2 PM within the timeslots available at that time. If you log on after 2 PM, there will be no available options for next day appointments. 
  4. Drivers cannot enter the yard more than 30 minutes early or more than 15 minutes late.




Section 1: Account Registration

1. To book appointments at Trillium you must first register an Opendock account. Go to and click on “Need a Carrier Login? Register here.”


2. Complete the form and click on “Register.”

Ensure that the information entered is complete and correct as Trillium will use it for communication. 


3. You will receive an email to verify the account. Click the “Finalize Registration” button to complete the process. You can now login to Opendock.

Tip: If you don’t receive the email, check your spam/junk mail folder. 



Section 2: Account Login

1. Go to and click on “Carrier Login.” 


2. Enter the email address and password used to register the account and click on “Login.” 



Section 3: Booking a pickup appointment

1. Once logged in, you will be directed to the main portal page. Type in “Trillium” or “205 Speirs Giffen Ave” under the Find Warehouse header and then click “Search.

Click on the “Schedule” button next to “TRILLIUM – Inbound (incl. RMA) / Outbound [PR]".


Tip: Add Trillium to your favourites

Click the “☆” button next to “Trillium – Inbound (incl. RMA)/Outbound [PR]” to add it to your favourites.

It will automatically appear on the right side of your screen the next time you login.  


2. You will be directed to a Welcome screen. Click on “Get Started” to begin the booking process.


3. Next, select Inbound.


4. Next, select Load type: Palletized or Manual Loading. 


If the load type is “Palletized,” choose if delivery is up to 8 pallets or more than 8 pallets and click “Confirm Selections”. 


If the load type is “Manual Loading”, choose the appropriate option for the total number of cases you are delivering for the appointment and click “Confirm Selections”. 


5. Select your preferred date and time for pickup.

Bookings can be made up to 30 days in advance. Next day appointments will not be available after 2 PM EST of the current date. 

NOTE: only available timeslots will appear.   


6. You will be directed to the “Your Information” page to:

  1. Confirm your details
  2. Select your Vehicle Type from the drop-down menu
  3. Enter your Trailer/Container Number (You can enter your vehicle License Plate number here)
  4. In the PO Number field, enter the applicable identifier (eg PO#, SOQ#, Docket# etc.)
  5. Click on “Finalize Appointment” 


7. You will be directed to a “Thank You” screen with your Confirmation Number and Appointment Time. You will also receive a confirmation email that will include your Confirmation Number and Appointment Time.

Tip: Keep this handy as you are required to provide the Confirmation Number and Appointment Time at the entry gate to access the Trillium yard. 



Section 4: How to search for appointments

To search for an appointment from the main Opendock portal page, click on “My Appointments” in the left-hand menu. At the top of the page, specify the date range you would like to view or simply select 7 Days for all appointments within the next 7 days.

Tip: Use the export button on the top right corner if you’d like to export the listed appointments to an Excel spreadsheet.



Section 5: How to change or cancel an appointment

1. Find the appointment you’d like to change or cancel by following the instruction in Section 4: How to search for an appointment.

2. Click on the appointment you would like to change to expand it and view more details.


3. Scroll down and click on “Manage Appointment.”


4. This will take you to the main booking screen.

Important: Click on your name on the top right corner and select “Appointments” in the drop-down menu. 


5. You can choose to:

  1. Reschedule: to change the booking date/time
  2. Cancel: to cancel your appointment
  3. Print Confirmation: to print a confirmation of your appointment 
  4. Edit: to make a change such as to correct a Shipment Number

If you edit your appointment, make sure to click on “Save Changes” before exiting the page. 



Section 6: Edit profile & Change password

If needed, you can edit your profile or change your password from the main page. To make changes to your profile, click the “▽” button next to the username and choose “Edit Profile.”

In the password field, click the edit button. Enter your current password followed by your new password. Click “Save Changes” once complete.



Section 7: Help

For any OPENDOCK questions, contact LCBO’s Distribution Services Team at

Do not contact or use the Opendock "Help" chatbox.