Directions to Trillium facility

Map that shows direction to the Trillium facility at 205 Speirs Giffen Ave.


Directions from the ON-401:

  1. Take ON-410 N towards Brampton
  2. Take Mayfield Rd exit (exit 18)
  3. Turn Right onto Mayfield Rd
  4. Turn Left onto Dixie Rd
  5. Turn Left onto Abbotside Way
  6. Turn Left onto Merchant Rd
  7. Proceed to the Agent Gates on the Right
  8. End at 205 Speirs Giffen Ave (Address may not yet be searchable via search engines)


Trillium Facility Yard Map

Map that shows the layout of the Trillium facility yard. The facility is at the intersection of Speirs Giffen Avenue and Merchant Road. The Main Entrance is located on Speirs Giffen Avenue. The Agent Gate Pickups/Returns is on Merchant Road, on the right and near the end of the street. Behind the gate is the facility yard. If you turn right, there is the waiting area, Agent Docks Pickups / Returns, and the Building Entrance. At the Building Entrance, there is Agent Bullpen (Help). From the Agent gate on Merchant road, if you go straight to the other side of the building, there is Guard house, Main Entrance, and Entrance to Shipping and Receiving Office.


Yard Safety Rules

Trillium facility yard safety rules: Covid safety protocols to always wear a face mask, bring your own pen, practice physical distancing. Safety vest required in the yard  No smoking in all indoor and outdoor areas of the facility   No cell phone use in the yard or while driving   Pedestrians have right of way; Pedestrians must follow the designated walkway   No littering or dumping of any kind outside vehicle   No pets outside vehicle. Vehicle Standards: Speeding Limit is 20 km/h. No Idling: No more than 5 minutes in a 60 minute period.


Trillium warehouse is following Ontario's Public Health guidelines.


Deliveries at Trillium



Book appointments on

Deliveries will not be permitted at Trillium without an appointment.

Appointment bookings can be placed up to 30 days in advance.

For next day appointments, make the booking in Opendock by 2 PM within the timeslots available at that time. If you log on after 2 PM, there will be no available options for next day appointments.

Drivers cannot enter the yard more than 30 minutes early or more than 15 minutes late of their appointment


Driver arrives at the Trillium facility main gate at the scheduled appointment time

Driver stops at the gate, enters the guard house, and provides the following to Trillium Security:  

Valid, government-issued photo identification

Appointment Confirmation Number and Appointment Time

Delivery paperwork (BOL/Packing Slip) – complete, accurate, legible

Trillium Security assigns a dock number

Driver proceeds to assigned dock and stages vehicle in dock lane

Trillium staff meets driver, receives paperwork

Trillium staff and driver confirm delivery against paperwork

Trillium staff unloads vehicle (If a small vehicle, Driver unloads vehicle)

Driver and Trillium staff sign paperwork

Driver proceeds to the main gates to exit the yard


Trillium staff will provide assistance at the facility


Download the printable map

Directions Yard Map and Safety Protocols