Discover Our Community Program Components

Discover Our Community End Aisle Example

The "Discover Our Community" program provides Suppliers with the opportunity to celebrate local community events in LCBO stores.

We welcome applications from all products and categories that represent a logical relationship to the chosen local event (i.e., ethnic product for ethnic festival).

Only one "Discover Our Community" program will be approved per store at a time. The program is booked on a first-come / first-served basis.

Participating Stores

  • - All LCBO Stores may participate in the "Discover Our Community" Program. The stores promoting a specific event are at the discretion of the LCBO Retail District Manager and the Customer Experience Department and must be within the geographical region of the event.
  • - There is a maximum of 5 stores that can participate per event. To run a promotion in more than 5 stores, Suppliers should apply for an applied/non-applied display program.

Program Duration

  • - Each program's duration will be negotiated per week, up to a maximum of four weeks.
  • - Longer promotion periods may be granted on an ad-hoc basis for special circumstances (e.g., a product label celebrating a town centennial).

Product Selection Criteria

  • - The selected products may be from different categories as long as they all tie into the local community event.
  • - The program is open to all products.
  • - Products should be seasonally relevant and support the community story being told.

Promotional Material & Guidelines

  • - Supplier-produced LCBO “Discover Our Community” End Aisle Backer Card with space for product information copy.
  • - Suppliers are to download the hi-resolution PDF creative template for the “Discover Our Community” program (below). This template includes LCBO branding and space for approved event/promotion content. Link to document download is found below.
  • - The approved content for the sign are: event details, product names and current pricing information. No supplier branded signs are permitted. All proposed signs must be approved by the LCBO Customer Experience Department a minimum of three weeks before the start date of the program. Approved signage will be installed by LCBO staff.
  • - Branded attire and merchandise as well as additional promotional material (cut outs, banners, merchandisers, etc.) will not be accepted.


  • - Contests are not permitted.

Pricing Information

$60 per SKU per store per week


Application Process

In an effort to ensure this program is more structured and that we have sufficient inventory to support, please note the following change to the application deadline dates.


  • - Agents must submit the creative proposal to the respective District Manager
  • - District Manager will review with Customer Experience.
  • - After the District Manager(s) and Customer Experience approval is obtained, agents will then apply for the program by connecting with the Category team.
  • - Apply in MPTS for up to a maximum of 5 stores
  • - Inform District Manager and Stores with execute dates and details.
  • - The program runs by week, not promotional turn and is invoiced by week/by store

Deadline Dates

Deadline date for application in MPTS is the Agent Forecast Deadline Date as published in the Promotional Calendar (Applied Programs)


Document Downloads

NOTE: Both English and Bilingual Backer Card Templates are included in the download found below. 

Trade Partners are to print the version required by each participating location.

Discover Our Community Backer Card Template

Click to download the English and Bilingual Backer Card Templates