Initiated in 2012, the LCBO introduced a new program offering display space in the wine fridges of select stores. Space was allotted primarily to white, rose and sparkling wines and included a selection of Vintages Essentials Collection and Continuous products. Participation in the program guaranteed space and premium shelf positioning. Stores that did not carry the participating skus were required to bring in inventory for display in the wine fridge for the

duration of the program.

We are pleased to report that the program is delivering amazing results. The average sales lift has been 25% and the demand for more opportunities to participate is growing. For these reasons, we have expanded the program.

Participating Stores

Four options are available:

  • Flight A comprises premium stores with regular fixtures with PPG groups Upspend Mainstream,
    Premium Destination and Global Roots.
  • Approximate number of stores: 101
  • 34 spaces available


  • Flight B comprises stores with regular fixtures in the remaining PPG groupings.
  • Approximate number of stores: 180
  • 34 spaces available


  • Flight C comprises stores with 4 ft wall fixtures.
  • Approximate number of stores: 116
  • 8 spaces available


  • Flight D comprises stores with 4 ft wall fixtures.
  • Approximate number of stores: 117
  • 8 spaces available

Note: Agents may apply for more than one Flight with the same product. The list of stores in each Flight will be available on website.



  • The program is based on three turns and selections will be made 3 times/year.
  • Turn 1 Summer: Promotional Turns 3 to 6
  • Turn 2 Holiday: Promotional Turns 7 to 11
  • Turn 3 Spring/Easter: Promotional Turns 12 to2


Application Procedures

  • Applications can be made via MPTS, the program has been set up under "Display Space".
  • VINTAGES Essentials and Continuous products need to apply in MPTS with the same deadlines outlined for LCBO Wines.


Criteria for Selection

  • Products will be approved based on sales volume, store distribution and seasonality.



  • Products that have been approved for LTO programs will have the same signage in the fridge as on-shelf. In addition, participating products that are also on-shelf will have a sign indicating that they are "available chilled".  


Pricing Information


  • Turn 1: 
  • Summer (P3 - P6)
  • Flight A: $190
  • Flight B: $130
  • Flight C: $125
  • Flight D: $125
  • Turn 2: 
  • Holiday (P7 - P11)
  • Flight A: $180
  • Flight B: $120
  • Flight C: $100
  • Flight D: $100
  • Turn 2: 
  • Spring/Easter (P12 - P2)
  • Flight A: $140
  • Flight B: $90
  • Flight C: $70
  • Flight D: $70

Document Downloads

Wine Fridge – Sold Space Implementation Guide (P3-P6)

Click here to download