Customer Insights

The LCBO's Customer Insights has a range of information services for the trade. These services, described in detail below, will allow our suppliers to purchase and gain valuable information about LCBO customers and their buying habits.

For more information or to access any of our services, please contact the Customer Insights Department.

In-store interviews

Upon approval, suppliers (or their market research company) may access LCBO stores to conduct their own in-store customer interviews in LCBO stores.

We will review and approve the questionnaire, make arrangements with stores, and provide interviewer authorization and in-store behaviour guidelines.

Advantages of doing on-site research:

  • Find product type or brand buyers quickly and easily.
  • More thoughtful answers by having customers' full attention while in the shopping environment.
  • Ability to get feedback on proposed packaging or communications materials.


Shopping Basket Reports

LCBO sales transaction data is used to show the products bought on a shopping visit along with any specified product or brand.

You'll find this report useful for:

  • Identifying ideas for new products.
  • Cross promotions.
  • Partnerships that would appeal to people who now buy the brand.


Brand Switching

Brand switching reports use POS data to track individual customers across time, measuring the extent to which buyers of a specified LCBO number are loyal.

This report will answer questions such as:

  • From which competitors do I gain/lose market share?
  • How many of my customers are loyal to my brand?
  • Did my promotion increase sales to existing customers or attract new ones?


Purchasing Cycle Reports

Purchase cycle reports show the number of days between purchases among buyers of a specified brand.

This report will answer your questions such as “How often should I be promoting my brand?


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