Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are LCBO remittance terms?

  • All promotional program invoices are due upon receipt.
  • For more information, please review Payment Terms.

2. How do I know what the invoice is for?

3. I would like to make EFT wire payments. What is LCBO's banking information?

  • Please review the Payment Terms section for banking instructions.

4. How do I receive an invoice copy that shows on my accounts receivable account?

  • Please first review the Who To Contact and Invoice Prefix Legend to determine the appropriate department to contact for more information.
  • For accounts receivable invoices, please email your request to
  • For Accounts Payable deductions from your payment, please email Please ensure you include your vendor name, vendor #, purchase order #, invoice #, payment #, payment amount, payment date, and all necessary information to allow us to assist you. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

5. Why am I sent bi-weekly electronic statements of my account?

  • LCBO sends bi-weekly electronic statements to allow you the ability to review your account on a frequent basis. During this bi-weekly review process, you can ask for invoice copies or mention any disputed items. This will then allow the LCBO to promptly respond to your request and get you the necessary information in order for you to send along for payment processing.
  • You are encouraged to promptly review the statement and request information or copies should you have any issues. Please email our central email mailbox as all emails will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.
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