Promotional Legend

375 375 ML Discretionary
BAM Bonus Air Miles
BBAM Bundling BAM
CEX Community Shelf Extender
CON Contest
CS Collaboratives
DEX Discovery Shelf Extender
DOC Discover Our Community
DW Deal of the Week
EA End Aisle (000-999)
ESS Essentials
FD Food & Drink
FDD Food & Drink Discovery
FG Featured Gift
FP BSM Fan Pack
FSI Free Standing Insert
GEX Green Shelf Extender
HC Halo Columns
HCL Holiday Merchandising Fee
LTO Limited Time Offer
MD Mixed Drinks Display
MT Mini-Thematic
MU Multicultural
NLP New Launch Program
NOU Nouveau Program
NPS New Product Shelf Talker
NTG Necktag
OCB Ontario Craft Brewers
OTH Others
OWP Ontario Wines Popular Picks
OWS Ontario Wines Superstars
PF Promo Fixture
PRF Promotional Fee
PRP Promotional Placement
PS Premium Speciality Beer Program
PSF Premium Spirits Fixture
REX Regular Shelf Extender
SB Seasonal Blockpile
SS Super Sale
ST IMAGE Shelf Talker
TA Tactical
TPR Temporary Price Reduction
VA Value Add
VOU Vouchers
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