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I am pleased to share with you the LCBO promotional themes for the remainder of fiscal year 2012/13 and Period 1 and Period 2 for the following fiscal year 2013/14. As a reminder, the agent deadline for sold space applications and support for Periods 9-11 remains as March 23, 2012. The deadline for Period 12, 13, 1 and 2 is now June 8th, 2012.

The themes are as follows:

Period 12: Cocktails (February 3, 2013 — March 2, 2013)

This promotion features the latest in cocktail culture; from what's being served at the hottest bars and restaurant establishments around the globe to what's leading cocktail innovation. The promotion will highlight flavour trends and mixology techniques, as well as provide some fresh takes on old favourites.

Period 13: California Wines (March 3, 2013 —March 30, 2013)

Our customers will be California Dreamin' during this promotional period. This promotion will focus on the fantastic assortment of quality wines from California that the LCBO has assembled, many of which will be "new" to the LCBO.

Period 1: The Trend Report (March 31, 2013 — April 27, 2013)

Our experts will share knowledge and tips. Our buyers will unveil their best buys and precious finds, as well as showcase the latest trends and hottest categories. Shopping for wine, spirits and beer should always be simple, fun and rewarding!

Period 2: Wine 101 (Education) (April 28 2013 - May 25 2013)

It's not just connoisseurs who can enjoy the great selection of wines available at the LCBO -- we want to help all our customers get familiar with wine basics during the Period 2 thematic promotion: Wine 101. With LCBO as the guide, we'll empower our customers by providing a variety of wine-related information to help them feel confident with their wine purchases.

Please take note that the deadline dates for Period 12 and Period 13 have been extended to June 8, 2012 to provide you with more time to prepare your applications. Please refer to our Trade Resources website on March 8th, 2012 for the up to date promotional calendar and all relevant deadlines.

Promotional Fee

As a reminder, effective 2011/2012, the Promotional Fee became an annual (one-time) flat fee for every SKU, with the exception of one-shot and seasonal purchases, holiday gifts, licensee-only SKU's, combination-store-only beer SKU's and Mix & Match SKU's. Effective Period 1 2012/2013 the fee is increasing from $230 to $250.

Please contact your respective Category or Product Manager with any questions.

Best Regards,

Bob Downey
Senior Vice-President
Sales & Marketing Division

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