Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles

The AIR MILES® Reward Program allows customers to collect AIR MILES® reward miles when shopping at the LCBO. Since October 1997, the LCBO has been part of a growing list of corporate sponsors offering the AIR MILES® reward miles program.

Earn 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $30* spent each month. *Excluding HST, container deposit, and charity donations.

Program Details

Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles are offered on participating products in addition to those received through the base AIR MILES® Reward Program. The Program begins on the first Sunday and ends on the last Saturday of each Promotional Turn.


Follow this link for rate information.

Program Dates

Bonus AIR MILES® will be offered on participating products for the duration of the Promotional Turn.

Participation Guidelines

  • All stores that list the participating products will display the appropriate Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles signage.
  • Products featured in the Display Programs will be given priority when Bonus AIR MILES® Program submissions are reviewed.
  • A number of additional Bonus AIR MILES® opportunities will be reserved for non-display products.
  • Stores are not obligated to list additional products associated with the Bonus AIR MILES® reward Program.
  • A product SKU may not participate in the Bonus Air Miles® program for consecutive turns.
  • Multiple sizes of the same brands may participate in the same Promotional Turn, at the Category Manager's discretion.
  • Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles will not be offered in conjunction with Value Added Programs.
  • The Bonus system and rates apply to the Bundled Bonus AIR MILES® Program.
  • The appropriate Category Manager gives final approvals.
    Retail Price Bonus AIR MILES® Reward Mile (minimum)
    under $5.00 1
    $5.00 - $9.95 3
    $10.00 - $14.95 4
    $15.00 - $19.95 5
    $20.00 - $24.95 6
    $25.00 - $29.95 8
    $30.00 - $39.95 10
    $40.00 - $49.95 15
    $50.00 - $74.95 20
    $75.00 - $99.95 25
    $100.00+ 30

    Spirits exception:
    In the $50 to $74.95 retail price range, a 1750 mL Spirit SKU will need a minimum of 15 Bonus AIR MILES®.

Customer Eligibility

All retail customers are eligible to collect Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles and Bundled Bonus AIR MILES® with no limits on quantities purchased per customer. Licensees, NATO permit holders, Agency Stores and Liquor Delivery Services are not eligible to collect Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles.

P.O.P. specifications and shipping

  • Pre-printed signage will be produced and distributed to all stores by the LCBO.
  • Signage for the Bundled Bonus AIR MILES® Program will be displayed in all stores that carry the featured products.
  • If a store does not carry all of the participating brands, the store will display only the base Bonus AIR MILES® signage where applicable.

Future Opportunities

To create more excitement while offering integrated customer solutions, a number of Bonus AIR MILES® opportunities will be reserved for new initiatives including:

  • Discover Offers.
  • Clustering.
  • Weekend Offers.
  • Special e-mail and Direct Mail Offers.
  • Special Events.

Further details on these programs will be discussed with the appropriate Product Manager.


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Deadline Dates

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