Tasting Programs

Tasting Program Overview

Research indicates that in-store sampling directly influences customers buying decisions. The LCBO Tasting Program has become one of the key elements in promoting brands. Through this program you can capture customer interest and increase sales. Tasting Events will be linked to key programs like Deal of the Month Display and selected End Aisle Displays. We recommend that suppliers participating in an IMAGE display end or shelf extender program incorporate tastings into their promotional plan.
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Tasting Program Details
In addition to the more than 400 participating stores in the regular Tasting program, year-round tasting opportunities are also available in "Seasonal" Stores. For a complete listing of participating and seasonal stores please refer to the LCBO In-store Tasting Requirements.
Maximum Serving Sizes
(Based on alcohol content by volume)

Percentage of Alcohol

Maximum Serving Size

15.9% or less

1 ounce (28.4 mL)

16% to 22.9%

1/2 ounce (14.2 mL)

23% or greater

1/4 ounce (7.1 mL)

Enhanced Trade Tastings Program

The Enhanced Trade Tastings Program will launch in Period 12 of Fiscal 2016-17 as a test for Spirits suppliers only. The opportunity will be rolled out to other categories when the test is completed. The objective of the program is to elevate the in-store tasting experience to achieve greater consumer engagement and satisfaction, resulting in increased sales of featured brands. The program allows for the display of pre-approved custom creative at the portable tasting bar. For more details, including how to apply, please review the program guidelines.
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Application Deadlines – Fiscal 2017/18:

Periods 1 & 2 (Spring)                  January 6, 2017
Periods 3 & 4 (Summer)                February 24, 2017
Periods 5 & 6 (Summer)                April 21, 2017
Periods 7 & 8 (Autumn)                June 16, 2017
Periods 9 & 10 (Holiday)               August 11, 2017 (Option 1 submissions only)
Periods 11 & 12 (Winter)              October 4, 2017
Period 13                                  December 1, 2017

Seasonal Colour Palette
2017 Summer II (Periods 5 & 6)
2017 Autumn (Periods 7 & 8)

VINTAGES Tasting Program
VINTAGES launched its Tasting Program in May 2007 which gives you the chance to interact one-on-one with customers during VINTAGES Retail Release Saturdays, some of our highest traffic days.
For your added convenience, both the online application and application deadlines are now the same as LCBO Tastings. If you wish to apply, then log on to the In-Store Tasting Program Website, select VINTAGES as the type of tasting, and then key-in the required info. It takes little effort and there is a lot to gain!

Program Details
VINTAGES tastings will only take place on the weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) of the VINTAGES products scheduled release date, which must be specified on the application. The participating stores will populate the store drop down list when a VINTAGES tasting is specified in the application. For a list of participating stores you may contact the In-store Tasting Program Administrator.

Mandatory Training Requirements
As of January 1, 2005, all persons conducting Tastings must have Smart Serve certification. Information about Smart Serve is available at:
All persons conducting Tastings must have 'Serve-Ability: Transforming Ontario's Customer' training. Information about Serve-Ability training can be found at
Applications are now submitted online through the In-Store Experience Programs System IEPS portal. To get access to this portal please submit an online application for a user I.D. and access code at For full instructions on how to use the online system please refer to the In-store Tasting Requirements. If you have any questions regarding the above please contact the In-store Tasting Program Administrator.
Deadline Dates
Follow this link to the deadline dates page.
If you have any questions or require additional information please contact: In-Store Tasting Administrator (416) 864-6758.

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