Mini Thematic

The Mini-Thematic program is designed to engage, entice and educate customers on category promotions. The program highlights product selections that are either closely linked to the Promotional Theme or a specific seasonal category promotion. The program takes place on end aisles at the front of the store.

Promotional Support & Material

The program will consist of a number of components that will be implemented both in-store and/or externally (this will vary by program). Each program will have a targeted marketing strategy.

LCBO will produce and distribute all materials for the program to participating stores.

NEW The mini-thematic features 9 brands (which vary by thematic). To support the sales and marketing strategy, stores are forced a minimum of 1 case of each of the participating products and are required to carry the products for the duration of the promotion. Once the promotion is finished stores can choose to continue to list and sell the product or clear the residual stock from the promotion.

The positioning and number of facings of the featured products are not open for negotiation by suppliers.

Store staff will merchandise all featured products in their allocated positions.

Download 2017/18 Mini-Thematic Calendar

Download 2018/19 Mini-Thematic Calendar



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Support Programs

Tastings are also recommended. Approved suppliers may also consider participating in the LCBO's Special Event Program.

Limited Time Offer, AIR MILES® and Bundled Bonus AIR MILES® programs are available with this program.

Value Add, Necktags and Contest programs are not available with this program.

Participating Stores

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Deadline Dates

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