Category In-Section

The Category In-Section Program was discontinued after Promotional Turn 3, 2008 and replaced with the Mini Thematic Program. Please refer to Mini Thematic Program page for more information.

The Category In-section program is designed to engage, entice and educate customers on category promotions. The program highlights product selections that are either closely linked to the Promotional Theme or a specific seasonal category promotion.

This program offers a wide array of promotional materials that provide inspiring product information for customers. The program takes place on shelf, and will be located in selected categories as outlined on the Annual Promotional Calendar.

The levels of participation and product types are already determined for each Promotional Turn.

Promotional Levels, Rates and Components

Follow this link for rate information.

Support Programs

  • The purchase of a support program such as Value Add, Necktag or Contest is recommended.

  • Tastings are also recommended. Approved suppliers may also consider participating in the LCBO's Special Event Program.

  • Limited Time Offer, AIR MILES® and Bundled Bonus AIR MILES® programs are not available with this program, as products cannot be featured with 2 concurrent shelf talkers.

Category In-Section Schedule

Turn Spirits Wines BRTD
Level 2
  USA Micro Beer
Level 2
Level 2
Level 2

 Participating Stores

  • Flagship, Full Service and IMAGE stores participate in all promotions.
    Regular stores will participate in selected promotions.


  • 8 to 15 opportunities will be available per scheduled promotions.
  • The number of participating products will be determined by the appropriate Category Product Manager on a scheduled promotion basis.


  • All participating stores that carry the approved products are required to feature them in their regular shelf location with the P.O.P. or take away materials provided.
  • Stores are not forced to carry all of the products approved. It is the Store Manager's discretion to bring in the product for the promotion.

Product Selection Criteria

  • This program is to promote brands that link to the Promotional Theme or seasonal category program.
  • Products must link to category programs outlined in schedule.

Product Placement

  • The products will be featured in their regular locations as defined by the corporate planograms and planoguides.
  • The positioning and number of facings of the featured products are not open for negotiation by suppliers.
  • Store staff will merchandise all featured products in their allocated positions.

Promotional Material

  • LCBO will produce and distribute all materials for the Category in Section Program

Level 2:

  • A placement in selected LCBO brochure or similar material,
  • A tear-off pad or recipe cards,
  • A necktag.


  • During selected Promotional Turns, suppliers of the participating products may apply to be featured in the newspaper Free Standing Insert (FSI).
  • An additional advertising fee will be charged to successful participants.
  • Refer to the individual Promotional Turns details for more advertising details.


Follow this link for information.

Deadline Dates

Follow this link for Application Deadlines Dates

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