Free Standing Inserts (FSI)

Newspaper Free Standing Inserts are direct mail marketing tools that elicit a measurable response from customers to visit the LCBO.

The Role of FSI

The purpose of Free Standing Inserts is to provide product recommendations as well as inspiring entertaining ideas that enhances the promotion's theme. FSIs also engage customers in a discovery of the highlighted product categories. FSIs target our primary customers and will for the most part support the Promotional Themes and some special occasions like Holiday, Thanksgiving and Easter.

Sample FSI

FSIs are successful at:

  • Delivering high impact within a newsworthy and credible environment
  • Communicating detailed information
  • Allowing the LCBO to target potential customers based on household incomes and postal codes
  • Providing excellent four-colour reproduction on coated stock

The current approach has proven to be very successful over the last several years. The LCBO is committed to continuing to find ways to reinvent its advertising. The goal is to maintain customer interest with a strong call to action that will lead to increased customer traffic and sales.


  Promotional Turn Newspaper Free Standing Insert
1 Hot, New & Trendy The Trend Report
2 How To Shop For Wine How To Shop For Wine
3 Shake it Up Cocktails
4 Canadian Summer Canadian Summer
5 Beer Beer
6 Barbecue Best for the Barbecue
7 Ontario VQA Ontario Wines
Canadian International Blends
8 Whisky Whisky
9 Holiday I Holiday Entertaining
10 Holiday II Holiday Gifting
11 Shop & Save Shop & Save
12 Cocktails Cocktails
13 California Wines California Wines

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FSI Circulation Strategy

LCBO Free Standing Inserts are inserted in the home delivery of key daily/regional newspapers in order to cover the Ontario market effectively. All FSI will have a circulation in the range of 500,000 to 750,000 pieces. Each FSI will have a targeted circulation to specific Household Incomes (HHI) and targeted FSA (mailing region) where possible.

The primary newspaper distribution of home delivery includes:

  • Toronto Star
  • Globe & Mail (Ontario)
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • National Post
  • London Free Press
  • Hamilton Spectator
  • Windsor Star
  • Kingston Whig-Standard
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Where appropriate to extend overall reach, the following newspapers may be included:

  • The Toronto Sun
  • Ottawa Sun

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FSI Rates & Opportunities

Follow this link for rate information.

Product Guidelines

Products that are selected for participation will:

  • Up-sell
  • Attract new customers
  • Encourage browsing
  • Engage consumers in a discovery
  • Reduce the risk of purchase
  • Increase consumers knowledge
  • If the end aisle is shared between suppliers, the LCBO will select the most appropriate product that aligns with the FSI promotional positioning. All three suppliers must be prepared to be part of the FSI if selected

While it is unlikely that all products featured on the Deal of the Month Display and 20 end aisles would be featured in a FSI, by agreeing to participate in these Display Programs, a supplier also agrees to participate in and be billed for the thematic FSI if their products are selected.

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