State-of-the Art Automation at the Durham Retail Service Centre

Though it opened 27 years ago, the Durham RSC continues to be recognized as one of the finest examples of an automated storage and retrieval system (ADSR) facility operating in North America.

Through progressive system upgrades, technological advances, performance monitoring and, perhaps most importantly, the continued sourcing of, and reliance on, well-trained and highly skilled employees, the Durham RSC has managed to keep pace with the growing service demands and ever-increasing volumes of the LCBO's retail network.

This video offers an inside look at operations within the Durham RSC, demonstrating its impressive automated systems and processing and storage capacity. Watch how this facility, originally designed to accommodate 24 million cases per year, can today process a staggering 51 million.

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Destuffing Platform

Unloading (“destuffing”) a container usually involves a lot of bending, lifting and twisting. These movements, when done repeatedly, can cause strain that could lead to musculoskeletal injuries.

With the LCBO's new semi-automatic Destuffing Platform, unloading cases is now much safer providing ergonomic benefits to our valued employees. Invented and currently being used at the LCBO's Durham Retail Service Center, it may be coming to other LCBO warehousing facilities in the future.

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Slip Sheet Clamps

In an ongoing effort to ensure employee safety, new inter-modal de-stuffing equipment has been developed, tested and has been piloted in the LCBO's Durham Retail Service Centre to reduce strain and injury associated with manual container unloading. In order for the de-stuffers to perform optimally, LCBO container loading requirements for Non-Continental North American products were issued in 2007. These regulations called for the discontinued use of non-LCBO standard pallets as well as slip sheets. The LCBO is now enforcing the strict adherence to these standards.

In response to concerns from the trade regarding compliance with this request, the LCBO has sourced an elegant, cost-effective solution demonstrated in this video clip. In a nutshell, the Slipsheet Clamp forklift attachment allows suppliers to remove slip sheets at the loading stage while ensuring product is loaded contiguously and in a stable manner. We are confident that suppliers will embrace this system, resulting in safer working conditions for our employees.

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Quality Assurance overview video

Click here to preview the LCBO's internationally acclaimed, dual ISO accredited Quality Assurance department to learn about our people, facilities and services. (Duration 90 seconds)

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“We Move it!” Logistics

Click here to preview an overview of the LCBO's Logistics Division (Duration 6:40)

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